About Us

Ibercompound S.L. Founded by Antonio Abad Pascual in 1976 as a familty business, it has experienced the Vehicle Washing implementation process in Spain, as well as its economic cycles. Today, with more than 38 years under its belt and now in the second generation, the Abad family constitutes the core leading this company, which employs excellent professionals (engineers, chemists, environmental scientists, economists, sales engineers, laboratory and production personnel, etc…), and along with our experience and knowledge of the sectors for which we manufacture, it has positioned us in a prominent place within the automotive sector. It is an organization that combines experience, youth, discipline and reliability in a coherent manner, always looking toward adapting to the markets.

At the beginning of the past decade, we expanded, adding a new industrial building, with the aim of upgrading our logistics. Half-way through the same decade, we proudly inaugurated our Technological Center.

At Ibercompound, we believe that we should provide our customers with solutions – both technical and environmental – and that is why we have built the technological center – to investigate, develop and suitably adapt our products to the current and future needs.

 Throughout the years, IBERCOMPOUND has acquired a very significant position in the AUTOMOTIVE sector, alongside large washing equipment manufacturing companies, professionals in the sector, and national, international and multinational companies, with solid and coherent consolidation in the chemical products manufacturing market. 

Thanks to this experience, we offer in-depth knowledge of all the processes regarding washing (different washing brands, water qualities, application systems, makeup water and effluent treatments, analysis, environmental guidance and product lines).

In the design of all the products manufactured by Ibercompound, evaluation parameters exist to protect the environment and it is our philosophy to use natural raw materials.  

Ibercompound is, without a doubt, a company of reference and international prestige.