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R+D Department

One of our concerns is research as the formula for being able to offer the best technical and ecological solutions, as is the case with nanoparticles and biosurfactants.

The industrial sectors for whom we work are constantly changing, due to either the market growth, environmental demands or to the new scientific and technological tendencies. For this reason, we dedicate great effort to researching and developing new products, always bearing in mind our customers’ needs. 

Ibercompound is a forerunner in the development of world-first products. 

Production department
At our production plant in Moià, we manufacture the products developed by the laboratory in a precise manner thanks to the most advanced technologies.
Procedures exist to define the methods to follow for the product production process to be carried out in a controlled manner through their definition, traceability and documentation, with the aim of assuring the desired quality in the products manufactured.
The Quality Department is responsible for doing the intermediate controls and/or final controls for the manufactured products. Quality Assurance. The plant has two laboratories, one for development and the other for water research and analysis. The latter is homologated by the Administration. 
At Ibercompound, we adapt to the customer’s needs with our own brand or personalized brand productions. Ibercompound evaluates all its suppliers annually using various evaluation systems in accordance with the procedure indicated in its Quality system.
A procedure exists to assure that all the raw materials intervening in its production process, as well as traded goods, undergo controls at reception time and are subject to correct handling and identification conditions so this does not affect their quality, use and characteristics.   
Sales Department
A team of professionals trained in chemical products and Vehicle Washing processes.
The Sales Department is the link between the needs/concerns of the customers and our Technical Department., which will take care of offering the required product and/or service.
The professionals in the Sales Department. have an in-depth knowledge of the applications in which the industrial sectors that they provide service to intervene, in addition to extensive experience in the cycle of use of the products and systems that the company manufactures.
The know-how and experience provided by the technical experts, in addition to being able to offer standard products manufactured by Ibercompound, leads to the possibility of attending to the demands for new and specific products or applications that our customers require.
Customer support service
Ibercompound has a Procedure implemented within its Quality System to define the methodology to be followed for the MAINTENANCE AND CONTROL OF VEHICLE WASHING FACILITIES, for the purpose of being able to assure optimum quality in vehicle washing with minimum product consumption.
From this maintenance, the corresponding reports are prepared and sent to its customers with an analysis of their wash water, actual cost per vehicle and options for improvement.
Personalized attention with highly qualified personnel in different areas: General coordination, Technical Department, Environmental Department, Risk Prevention, Application experts and Legionella Treatments expert.
Application of advanced technologies
One of our greatest concerns has been to adapt the most innovative technological tools in the laboratory and factory to the production processes and application of our products. 
The application of the most advanced analysis techniques allows us to increase the competitiveness of our products, improving continuously.
The laboratories of IBERCOMPOUND S.L. have high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, all correctly calibrated, internally and externally, and in perfect operating condition. Using this equipment, it is possible to analyze all the necessary parameters for new formulations development, environmental impact and water quality in the washing processes.                               

More than 40 years of manufacturing products solely and exclusively for the Automotive sector back us up (different washing brands, water qualities and application systems). Due to this experience, we offer in-depth knowledge of all the processes regarding washing, makeup water and dump water, cost optimization, suitable product line adapted to the needs of each customer and market (as per the legislation in the country of destination, water qualities, prices or other factors.


Partner in business development, helping in the promotion of washing, technical and commercial support, cost minimization, product adaptation, consulting in the washing business and environmental advisory and consultancy service specialized in washing centers and service stations.


IBERCOMPOUND is currently the only Spanish company in the sector that exports as a manufacturer of chemical products for vehicle washing.